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About us

European Wellness Retreat Kuala Lumpur is a holistic concept of wellness and rejuvenation, based on the knowledge and efficacy of Swiss & German biomedicine and biomolecular therapy. 

We, at European Wellness Retreat KL, provide patients with a comprehensive anti-aging treatment and management of cosmetic and various ailments. 

We have a knowledgeable and respected staff and stand as ambassadors for an exemplary approach to wellness and lifestyle improvement.

​The main centre in Lugano, Switzerland, operates in a national format for the brand, the Swiss Wellness Centre, but offers the same protocols, treatments, and level of service. 

In Germany, the group operates as a German medical centre in Frankfurt through its partnership with the Advanced Clinical Clinic Frankfurt, which has been practicing comprehensive integrative medicine for 35 years.



Empowering for long-lasting Wellness and enrich quality of life and longevity with warm personalised treatment and services and illness prevention is envisaged.



A Complete Wellness offering customers a Holistic approach, integrated Health and Wellness solutions with exceptional service provision.

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